Bulgarian Web Directories and Search Engines



Bulgarian Web Directory



A site dedicated to Balkan peoples, maps, politics


Bourse Information Company

Information on several thousand Bulgarian companies


EuroIntegra e-Job

Online service for qualified people looking for job



Legal information online



Workshop for Balkan folklore, database for balkan artists and musicians, souvenirs


Bulgarian Business Adviser

Åverything you should know about doing business in Bulgaria



Online classifieds


@svishtov.com (Svishtov)

A portal-like site for the region of Svishtov.


A Catalogue of Bulgarian Web pages

Offers a search engine and a directory with 10 main categories.


A site about Plovdiv

A web-directory with lots of data on various sides of the life in the city of Plovdiv.


AVTOPAZAR - Bulgaria

Information about the Bulgarian automobile market - classifieds, insurance, worldwide


All About Bulgaria

A catalogue of more than 1200 Web pages about Bulgaria, maintained by Dragomir Radev



Bulgarian web portal - search engine, news, services, downloads and more


Article 22

Laws, regulations, tariffs


BG House

Internet reference book


BIG - Bulgarian Internet Group

Offers models and solutions for e-business and e-commerce.


BOL online classifieds


Black Sea Business Directory Compass

Contact addresses of companies from Varna and Bourgas



A virtual network in issues related to environment, natural resources, and sustainable development


Bourgas Today

A portal-like site dedicated to Bourgas, with sections for business, tourism, education, health



Virtual library. Reference, dictionaries, poetry


Bulgaria 2000

Bulgarian business directory


Bulgaria Business Catalogue

Contact details of 14,000 companies


Bulgaria Online


Bulgarian Academic and Research Network

Lists many links to Bulgarian educational and research organizations.


Bulgarian Entertainment Networks

Entertainment directory


Bulgarian Marine Industry

Online edition of the directory. Companies, activities


Bulgarian Photographers

A list of links to the sites of Bulgarian photographers.


Bulgarian Sea Resorts

Brief information about Albena, Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, Sozopol, Duni...


Bulgarian embassies abroad


Bulgarian wine

Reference guide to most of the information on Bulgarian wine


Bulgarian-Russian Information Society

Database with contacts and offers from Bulgarian and Russian companies


Bulgarians on the Net

A site of Bulgarians in the USA



First Polish-Bulgarian business site



A portal to the bulgarian Web-space.


De Jure

Online reference book for Bulgarian legislation


Directory of the Encyclopaedias on the Internet


Directory of the Universities on the Internet


Directory of the dictionaries on the Internet


Discover Bulgaria

General travel information and hotel reservation across Bulgaria


EL Media

Offers information on businesses in the field of electronics, automation systems, IT, etc.


Europe Online - Bulgaria entry



Bulgarian search engine




Forum Bulgarien

Catalogue of German sites about Bulgaria



An portal-like site, linking mainly to pages at news.bg and idg.bg


GLOBUS Internet Magazine

A weekly online magazine in Bulgarian, of general interest.


Guide to Plovdiv (by "Bina 22" advertising agency)

A portal-like site, listing various useful addresses in Plovdiv.



Search engine for Bulgarian sites


Index.bg (Sofia)

A "portal" site with lots of reference information an links to news by BTA.



Business offers, business directory, divrese information


Information on China (by J. P. Fan)

A site about China in Bulgarian, by J.P.Fan from Chine, who has lived in Bulgaria.


Information on the Republic of Bulgaria

Country information, national symbols, currency, history


Infotech Ltd. - (Rousse)

A web-directory for the town of Rousse.



Reference for the city of Varna - companies, timetables


LEFF Information Service

Online news


Luchezar Vassilev's Web portal

A selective collection of links to Bulgarian and foreign sites.


M-trading (Sofia)

A site in for russians trading in Bulgaria.



Bulgarian web-baesd free e-mail service.


NACID Institute

Business information database. Privatisation procedures


Net Info

A good Bulgarian portal site


Orienation Bulgaria

Web directory


Personal Web Pages

Free web space and free mail


ROTOP Online (Pernik)

The first ISP in the district of Pernik.



Information catalogue for Southwestern Bulgaria


Schols-BG - The Portal f the Bulgarian Schools on the Net

A site with mail, news, chat, search sections and a dictionary of Internet terms.



Very comprehensive directory for Sofia. The map needs MS Internet Explorer


Tennis BG

Everything about tennis in Bulgaria: events, rating lists (national and international),


The Lighthouse (Varna)

Internet reference



Computer publisher, freemail server


Travel Bulgaria

General information, visas, hotels, database



Internet reference book


Virtual Auto showroom "Bulgaria"

Offers information on Bulgarian firms-importers of cars.


Vratza Online



Free web hosting service


Who is Who in Bulgarian Journalism

Journalists, media, presscenters



Companies directory. Most of listed belong to the EB-CARD system

Internet Service Providers


"BulTemp" Ltd. (Kozloduy)

Offers Internet access (dial-up), buildes LANs and stucture cable systems.



Offers Internet access - by dial-up and leased line.


AIS-tech (Sofia)

Offers Internet access, including ISDN.


ARDES - Varna Ltd.

Offers an online catalogue of the firm's most popular services.


ARKEN Compsys (Svoge)

Offers Internet access, components and peripherals.


AVA Computer Products LTD (Sofia)

Offers dial-up Internet access and web hosting services.


Argo Treking Ltd. (Chirpan)

Offers Internet access and Web hosting, sells computers.


Atil Net (Yambol)

ISP in Yambol


Avala.bg Information services (Blagoevgrad)

Offers Internet access and software support.


BBF-ZEAT (Sofia)

System integration and support


BGCom.Net (Sofia, Plovdiv)

Offers Internet access, Web hosting, support, sofyware development.


BIAnet (Sofia)

An Internet Service Provider, owned by BIA (Bulgarian Industrial Association)


BIS Online Ltd. (Sofia)

Offers Internet access (dial-up) and Web-hosting.



Internet service Provider in Sofia


Balchik.net (Balchik)

Offers Internet access and information of local interterst.



Internet service provider in Sofia



Internet service provider


Busoft Ltd. (Bourgas)

Develops accounting and warehousing software,


C5 & TORN (Sofia)

Offers Internet access in Sofia. Sells computer components and notebooks.


CCPRO.COM (Varna, Silistra)

Offers Internet acces and hosting services.


Chirpan .com (Chirpan)

The Chirpan branch of the Sofia-based ISP "Orbitel"


ComNet Ltd. (Bourgas)

Offers Internet access and Web hosting.


ComTel Ltd. (Sofia)

Offers Internet access, sells hardware.


Commerce Data Center Ltd. (Plovdiv)

Offers various Internet-related services: access, hosting, web-design.


Computer Systems and Technologies (Svilengrad)

An Internet service provider in the town of Svilengrad.


Computer Systems and Technologies (Svilengrad)

Sells computers and components, offers Internet access.


Cyb@r Cafe (Rousse)

Offers Internet access (alone or assisted) paid by the hour, printing services, Internet courses.


Cybercom Ltd. (Pazardjik)

Offers Internet access, Web design and hosting.



ISP in Bourgas


Dimont Internet Agency

ISP in Pernik


Dunav Net (Rousse)

An Internet Service Provider.


EDA Ltd.

Offers Internet access, Linux documentation, sells proprietary accounting software.


ESCOM (Haskovo)

Offers Internet access, sells computers and components.


Electronics&Software Ltd.

Offers Internet access, computer hardware, software.




GO Link (Gorna Oryahovitza)

Offers Internet access in the region of Gorna Oryahovitza.



Internet access provider, web hosting


GlobalCom (Trans & Co Ltd. - Gabrovo)

Offers Internet acces in the Gabrovo region.


I-net (Sofia)

Internet Service Provider in Sofia


ISPs in Bulgaria

Marketing survey from 1997


ITD Network (Plovdiv)

Internet access provider


InfoGuard (Sofia)

Integrated IT solutions provider


Intech (Sofia)

ISP in Sofia


InterPan Ltd.-(Panagyurishte)

Offers Internet access in the region of Panagyurishte.


Intercom (Pleven)

ISP in Pleven


Internet Bulgaria

Internet service provider


Internet Communication Optic Network (ICON) (Shoumen)

Sells Internet access, LANs, PCs.


Internet Service Ltd (Shoumen)

Offers Internet acccess, sells computers and hardware.


Internet Service Vr@tza (Vratza)

Offers Internet acces in the district of Vratza.


Internet Targovishte Ltd. (Targovishte)

Offers Internet access and web hosting in the region of Targovishte.


JJ net (Sofia)

Offers Internet access via satellite (and a PCI-card )


JuSoft Networks (Rousse)

Offers Internet access, WebMail and webhosting services



Internet service provider in Sofia



Offers Internet access, free Webmail.



Internet service provider in Varna



Operator of cellular network, paging and payphones


NBI Systems Ltd. (Rousse)

Offers Internet access via satelite, modem and leased line.


NeTEL Ltd. (Sofia)

Internet service provider.


Net Is Sat (Sofia)

Internet access provider



Internet Service Provider in Sofia


NetComp Ltd. (Varna)

Offers Internet access in and arouond Varna.


Netcom Boomerang Ltd. (Petrich)

Internet access provider (dial-up).



Internet service provider, hardware


OmegaCom (Sofia)

Internet service provider


Orbinet Ltd. (Stara Zagora)

Offers Internet access in Stara Zagora and nearby towns: Kazanlak, Haskovo, Chirpan, Dimitrovgrad.



Internet access provider


PC-Link Ltd. (Sofia)

Offers dial-up Internet access.



Offers Internetaccess, personal computers, components, scanners, printers, etc.


PRIXSYS (Rousse)

Offers Internet access and Web design, sells personal computers,


Pasat Anteny Ltd. (Pazardjik)

Bulgarian manufacturer of satellite antennas and Internet service provider for Pazardzhik.


Pomonet (Pomorie)

ISP for the town of Pomorie


ProBG Technology (Sofia)

Offers Internet access, sells computer hardware.


ProLine Ltd. (Bourgas)

Offers Internet access, LAN networks, software development, etc.


Prodigy Ltd. (Sofia)

Offers Internet/Intranet sollutions, sells harware, assembles computer systems.


ROTOP Online (Pernik)

The first ISP in the district of Pernik.


Rakovski NET (Rakovski)

Offers dial-up Internet access.


Rakursy Ltd. (Plovdiv)

Offers Internet access and various advertising services.


Rousse.net (Rousse)

Offers Internet access and Web hosting.


SBS On-line (Sofia)

Offers Internet Access adn Web-hosting.


SOLOnet (Sofia)

Offers 56K dial-up Internet access, leased lines.


STEMO Ltd. (Sofia)

A versatile computer company with offices in 8 cities.


Saga Style Ltd. (Varna)

Sells computers, offers Internet acess - dial-up and leased line.


Sigma Technologies


Simex Ltd. (Vidin)

Offers dial-up Internet access, computer games, web-based chat.


Sofia OnLine (Sofia)

Offers Internet access: dial-up and via satellite.


SofiaSat Ltd. (Sofia)

Offers Internet access - dial-up and leased line.


Spectrum NET Ltd. (Sofia)

Offers Internet access. Dealer offices also in Pernik, Plovdiv, Varna, V. Turnovo.


SpiderNET Ltd. (Blagoevgrad)

Offers Internet access (dial-up) and Web-hosting services.


StarCo Internet (Rousse)

Offers Internet acccess for the region of Rousse.


Steltt technologies Ltd. (Sofia)

Offers "Internet-via-the-Sky" type of Internet Access.


TEA Plovdiv

Offers Internet access - dial-up and leased lines.



Internet service provider in Sofia and other cities


TekoM Ltd. (Varna)

Builds LANs, sells personal computers, offers Internet access.


Telecoms Ltd. (Varna)

Offers Internet access, mobile phones, computer software and hardware.


Telercom Networks Ltd. (Svilengrad)

Offers Internet access (dial-up), sells computers and components.


Terasyst (Karlovo)

Offers Internet access, sells computers and software, LANs, designs and hosts web pages.


TradeL Electronics Ltd. (Sofia)

Sells computers and components, offers dial-up Internet access.


UKTC Ltd.(Sofia)

Sells computer compnents, offers Internet access of the "Internet via the Sky" type.


UNACS (Burgas)

An Internet service provider in the region of Burgas.


VIKET Networks (Rousse)

Offers Internet acces, Web design, sells computers.


VereyaNET (Stara Zagora)

Offers Internet access (dial-up and via satellite).


VideomaxAVS (Sofia)

Offers Internet access of the " Internet Via the Sky" type.


Vision Electronics Ltd. (Sofia)

Sells computers and components, offers dial-up Internet access.


Yanak Soft (Sofia)

Offers a warehousing software application, and provides Internet access.


interBGcom Ltd. (Sofia)

Offers Intrernet access - dial-up and leased line.


newclass.net (Nova Zagora)

Offers Internet access and web-hosting in the region of Nova Zagora, sells computers and software.


Source:  Bulgaria Online. Retrieved June, 2000

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